Our bespoke, professional business plans are custom tailored to specially meet all your business needs regardless of whether you are at the conceptual/idea stage or fully established with active plans of scaling and expanding your business.

Our fiduciary commitment towards ensuring that each business plan we churn out is very valuable and custom tailored towards all your needs necessitates that we adhere to the highest industry mandated and recommended standards—with a strong foresight on leveraging the latest cutting-edge tools and methodologies into the preparation of each and every single business plan.

Whilst each client case is unique, we generally adhere to the following scheme in the preparation of each business plan here at Belgravia Solutions.

Belgravia Solutions Business Plan Preparation Scheme

General Consultation Research & Literature Review First Draft Completion Internal Review/Evaluation & Feedback Completion and Submission of Business Plan  (Incorporation of any specified revisions from clients if necessary).

General Consultation

Prior to proceeding to work on any business plan, we engage in a pre-booked general consultation process with our clients either at our physical office location, on the phone, via email or occasionally via video chat. Consultations can generally last anywhere from 15 minutes all the way to 2 hours or more (in exceptional/extenuating cases). Each consultation is specially designed to diagnose and yield the most feasible approach and solutions towards preparing the best possible business plan. We incorporate your personal conceptualizations as well as our industry expertise and acumen into the preparation of your bespoke business plan.

The general consultation process is also necessary to ensure we’re fully abreast with all your business needs and requirements so we are well equipped to proceed to work on your business plan. Have any questions/inquires/suggestions/special requests? Ask them during the pre-booked general consultation process!

Research & Literature Review

Right after the general consultation process, we copiously refer to primary and secondary literature sources from journal article databases, peer-reviewed article portals, business blogs, portals and reputable financial websites such as Bloomberg, The Financial Times, The Economist, Harvard Business Review, Business Insider as well as other resources to properly delve into all the intricacies and latest developments on your business and its sector in general (market & industry trends and dynamics, latest regulatory/compliance laws/protocols, market demand, client perceptions, competitor dynamics, market forces, risk levels etc.)

Besides our pre-existing expertise and understanding of your business plan needs, the research and literature review also arms us with the requisite information in the preparation of your business plan to ensure it is a glowing single repository of information containing all the essentials about your business. You’d quickly discern that your completed business plan far exceeds (in terms of scope, analyses, research, projections and overall quality) other similar services on the market that merely provide templated business plans backed by little or no relevant research information on your business.

Depending on your business requirements, the research and literature review process can take anywhere from several hours to a few days.

First Draft Completion

Equipped with all the requisite information from the first two steps, we are now ready to proceed to the writing stage. Our team of business consultants/developers, financial modellers, accountants and even occasionally graphic designers all get involved in the writing process. We are fully cognizant that your business plan is essentially your business alive on paper so we aggregate the best specialized teams for each business plan drafting process. Analogous to the process involved in building a unique, formidable and exquisite edifice, each team member fully meticulously distils the corpus of information prepared from the previous two steps into the preparation of your business plan. Our business consultants/developers are thoroughly involved in the general writing process, our financial modellers provide the projections and insights into your business based on historical and/or calculated/speculated data and trends and our accountants provide the numerical breakdown and insights for all your historical, current and future business expenses, cash flow, gross & net profit and revenue (reflected in the cash flow statements, balance sheet and profit & loss statements). Where necessary, our graphic designers embellish your business plan with images, charts, font resizing, design patterns etc. so the contents of your business plan are not only copiously loaded with the relevant information but also uber aesthetic and appealing to the eye.

Depending on your business requirements, this process can take anywhere from two days to two weeks (or potentially more in extenuating circumstances).

Internal Review/Evaluation & Feedback

Once your first draft is completed, your business plan is circulated and painstakingly perused and scrutinized by our Quality Assurance Team to ensure that your business plan;

  • Contains all the necessary and salient information
  • Encapsulates all your business essentials
  • Conforms to all your requests and requirements
  • Is thoroughly proofread and
  • Is evaluated for revisions where necessary

This process generally takes anywhere from a few hours to a day or two

Completion and Submission of Business Plan

Internal feedback from the Quality Assurance Team is then incorporated into the revision of your final business plan document pending delivery. Once all the revision requirements are incorporated, your completed business plan is delivered directly to your email inbox, available for pickup at our office location or in certain cases, mailed (regular/expedited) to your specified address location.

You can typically expect a comprehensive business plan ranging anywhere from 15-pages to 150+ pages!

Incorporation of any specified revisions from clients if necessary

After the delivery of your completed business plan, we can accommodate revision requests to your business plan where necessary and required within a standard 7-day calendar period. If revisions are required and approved, they are readily incorporated into your business plan and the final document is submitted within a couple of hours to several days where some extra extensive revisions are required.

In a nutshell, it would take approximately 5 business days to several weeks (depending on your specifications) to have your business plan completed from start to finish.

We accommodate all business plan preparation requests for;

  • Investor Funding (Equity Funding, Special Loans, Convertible Notes etc from accredited angel investors, angel investor consortiums/networks, venture capital firms, private equity firms, other financial institutions etc)
  • Mainstream and Alternative Financial Institution Funding (Loans, Credit Lines etc. from mainstream public and private banks, private financial institutions etc)
  • Internal Business Use
  • Regulatory/Compliance Requirements
  • Public/Private Donor/Benefactor Funding Applications
  • Facilitating the establishment and/or growth/expansion/scaling of your business and
  • Miscellaneous business purposes